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Belgian Beer Day Worldwide & a TransContinental Toast


On June 28 I started this petition to save the Tridaine Spring and so the well that supplies the water for to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy and the famous Rochefort Trappist Beer. 

Now 20.009 signatures are there and to my great surprise from 160 countries worldwide. 

I already had contact with the spokeswoman of  Lhoist Industries, the Senator-Mayor of Rochefort, and the Walloon minister for the environment last week. The friendly Mayor agreed to meet up with me as soon as I had an appointment with the Walloon minister. His excellency’s secretary mailed me that he was looking in to it  as the spokes women of Lhoist Industries didn’t respond on my email yet, But both will receive a phone call tomorrow to tell them to speed up the matter.

Many thanks to all of you where ever you may live and I’ll end this update with some of…

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