On June 28 I started this petition to save the Tridaine Spring and so the well that supplies the water for to the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy and the famous Rochefort Trappist Beer. 

Now 20.009 signatures are there and to my great surprise from 160 countries worldwide. 

I already had contact with the spokeswoman of  Lhoist Industries, the Senator-Mayor of Rochefort, and the Walloon minister for the environment last week. The friendly Mayor agreed to meet up with me as soon as I had an appointment with the Walloon minister. His excellency’s secretary mailed me that he was looking in to it  as the spokes women of Lhoist Industries didn’t respond on my email yet, But both will receive a phone call tomorrow to tell them to speed up the matter.

Many thanks to all of you where ever you may live and I’ll end this update with some of your finest and well meant  comments :

A monestary founded in 1230 and not spoiled all these years should not have its pure water distroyed. Pure sources of water are rare Save the Tridaine Spring
A natural water source thats free from the Earth & some muppets in an office would like to end it. fREE ADVICE close the office.
A terrible shame – business over nature.  This should not be allowed to take place and I pray this petition helps.
Absolute protection of pure natural water is non negotiable, everywhere on our Planet.
always save the water and the beer!! 🙂
An absolute dumb and short sighted idea! 
And lose one of the world’s best beers?  Not on our watch!
another selfish hearts!
ANYTHING is to be sacrificed in the name of PROFIT
As a Belgian, I cannot just ignore this. Save the trappist beers.
As an environmental expert of over 30 years experience working for the UK government and the EU, I deplore this unnecessary action, just for profit.
At Beer Mania, we are providing Rochefort (and all other Belgian Trappist except Westvleeteren) in Beijing, capital of China. 🙂
bier zoals het bedoeld is wordt zuiver gemaakt!!!
Clean water matters.  Mind it please!
clean water more important than money
Dat bier is erfgoed !
Dear Council of Rochefort and the Walloon Regional governement
Do not touch our beers!
Doing permanent damage in persuit of temporary gain just does not make sense, does it!
Don’t give our water to the mob
Don’t kill the real thing. Rochefort as it is. Strong and beautiful.
Don’t mess with beer
Everyone will remember Rochefort.  Nobody remembers a quarry. Which is better?
For the brew and for the environment.
Have you had their beer? It’s AMAZING! Don’t ruin it!
Het specifieke water is niet vervangbaar.  Ook de ecologische schade is niet herstelbaar.
i just discovered this beer.  please don’t take it away from me.  please.
I love this beer. Keep it alive!
I rate Rochefort beers as the best in the world. It would be a tragedy if it’s spring water supply were dried up. Please save the Tridaine Spring.
I was lucky enough to visit Rochefort last fall. It would be an absolute shame to let Lhoist Industrie dry up the Tridaine Spring – let’s see to it that this does not happen!
I will cry if they ruin this beautiful beer.
I’m writing to urge Rochefort and the Walloon Regional government not to dry up Tridaine the naturally pure spring. Please stop this project.
Is nothing safe from profiteers?
Is there no end to people’s greed?
It is enough !!!
It is vital that we keep all our rivers, water ways, etc,. clean.
Just hold on to the old tradition!
Keep it pure
keep your beer leave the water.
La qualità della birra è più importante del profitto industriale!
laten we nog een beetje cultuur overhouden voor
leave “well” alone
Leave nature alone!
leave our water – and our beer – ALONE!!!!
Leave the beer the way it is now!
Lhoist Industrie must be stopped, nothing can replace the taste of naturally pure spring free water!
Lhoist Industrie will never produce anything that comes close to mattering as much as Rochefort Trappist. Don’t mess with it!
Lhoist industries should be stopped right now !
Limestone is pretty common, Rochefort is rare. Save Tridaine!
Madness !!!
Making a quick buck is no excuse for interfering with this valuable traditional product.
Making money at the expense of others is just selfish and mean.  DO THE RIGHT THING.
More money sharks! I’m SOO TIRED of them!
Ne touchez pas a ma Rochefort, bande de ….
Please don’t destory a preserved part of history.
Please don’t let them destroy culture for the sake of industry!
Please don’t ruin the best beer I’ve ever tasted.
Please help save one of the best beers brewed today
Please keep greedy hands of water! I’m kindly asking to stop torturing our Planet, we do not have any other. The world is watching now, please take the right decision.
Please stop threatening one of Belgium most delicious beer!
Please, don’t kill world’s best beer.
Poland support Rochefort!
Quality must be saved !!
respect. the earth is your mother you belong to it. we shouldn’t become a pest to our own environment.
Rochefort 10 is my favorite beer!
Rochefort is absolutely brilliant. I can’t imagine that it could dissapear.
Rochefort trappist beer is a national Belgian heritage that should be protected for the future generations
Rochefort Trappist Beer is the pride of Wallonia… This is outrageous…!
Rochefort was the first Trappist beer I ever tried…it definitely can’t go away!
Salvemos el planeta!!
save the best beer in the world !!!!!
save this heavenly brewed beer, result of century’s of wisdom of brewery
Something as a long standing member of CAMRA I support!!
Stop the rape of our precious planet. Who do these people think they are?
Stop this destruction with the mining of limestone when so many harm will be caused.
Stop this nonsense, keep the planet sacret and stop polluting it and altering it for profit
Thank you @belgianbeerday & @captaincheers followers for spreading this petition Worldwide, CHEERS
The best beer in the world should be treated with more respect.
The greed needs to be capped.
The Rochefort brewery, and beer is a cultural treasure.
There must still be some people who don’t have realized that clean water is one of our most precious goods. Sad, very sad.
They are acting like Coca Cola.
This beer is unique in its history and taste and has been forever.
This internationaly respected product should be protected by law.
This is a great brewery, loved the world over by beer fans.
This is inappropriate and potentially hugely damaging. Please do not allow it.
This sickens me.
This would be a disaster.
Tradition is more important than limestone.
Unacceptable behaviour to threaten a national institution.
Water is more worth full then any stone
Water matters more than money!
We all love Rochefort Trappist beer !
We love proper beer!
We must help peoples to save clean water anywhere at the world
What is max 20 years of business at this quarry compared to losing the Rochefort beer for eternity?
When will big companies learn to leave things alone. Money, money, money!!!
Why do human beings cause so much destruction in the name of money. Old traditions are the best ones, we should learn from them and work with nature , not against it.
Why so fool?
World class beer of Rochefort – needs to be protected
You cannot destroy centuries of tradition
you had me at beer
your hands off of my favorite beer
Yup, don’t mess with the beer.
Beer lovers unite!

AND WE DID And we’ll do it again and again , You ain’t seen nothing YET

greets & cheers