The thank you poster


So from now on,

  I will give an update as soon as new things or important evaluations happen considering Belgian Beer Day.  (or other things)

So Where are we now 
In The USA ( 50% of the followers ) 
There are venues in different states and I think that in New York and other cities venues will sign up as soon as the press will mention the happening.
Positive is the cooperation with a couple of huge Craft beer festivals in Florida, Texas and 
also in Canada ( 10 % of the followers) near Vancouver the Okanagan Fest of Ale is  also an official participant of the international toast on April 6th . 
Than in Belgium  the beer-club of Ghent has confirmed their cooperation.
Antwerp has got their posters up and in Bruges people will get more posters after they started collecting them earlier this week . 
A press conference will be held as soon as a couple of practical issues will be solved. (due to the global(time) differences ) .
In the UK, London has almost ten venues and more northern we have  Leeds .
Cyprus is present , Holland signed in their first venue today In China we have The Belgian Beer monument BEERMANIA in Beijing .
Do not hesitate to join the fun its a simple toast (or more if you want) ; 
This weekend, the Beers and breweries I personally selected will be announced, so you will have a clear insight In WHO MY personal and completely subjective favorite PEOPLE are to work with. Those are the NICE people and breweries whom I worked a positive way for more than 25 years as a bar owner and event organizer.
the site will get more stories and things to know, there will be more video’s and even a live bar at moments , ^please come in.
This is the first year of the event and I set it up from much less than scratch. Since my last  birthday on august 29 when I started the belgianbeerday twitter account I discovered a whole new world. As a beer-lover and bar-person I had a social life in my bar, but the life here on the internet was completely new to me . I soon discovered that there was a conversation going on . and not the bla-bla ,chit-chat that you nod to, but hardly listen to. But a community that was discussing the subjects that you (and me)were interested in. you could choose , there was openness and  real freedom of speech.  
And if saw .the impact of your great interest and the surprising amount of people that interacted I knew there were opportunities to start all over. And just like in my starting years I found power in every small positive thing that happened on the way.
Even When , all was going against me and I lost some loved ones earlier this month, I felt that I was gonna come back and work even harder, knowing that that was the way they would wanna see me go.   
I am very thankful to all of you out there for being patient and not putting me under any pressure. You kept on following me and together with the amount of followers my will to succeed grew as well . It means much to me that I am able to listen to you and your conversations or to feel how you react on some of my tweets. It gives me the feeling to belonging somewhere again. It gives me the the drive to make things happen , together with you for you and side by side with you. 
And like I said : THIS is YEAR #1 a lot of things have to be, and shall be improved, But for the most important thing “Making this happen and working on a solid base for the coming events ,charities and who knows what … I can only thank YOU , Not only for the personal support I had from a couple of you earlier this month but in general for your presence and reactions, for you RT’s and DM’s .
And now, in the last straight line to the first event it is nice to see that, as I came in as a stranger with a confused plan and a crazy dream, my belief grows daily that  we will get there step by step .  
With 17 days to go,we’re not there yet ,  the clock is ticking but it can be done, What all unites us is a social & simple thing , it’s the love for beer.   The passion for the craft in making it, or the joy of tasting it , as long as we do it with our heart & soul and as long as we can share our thoughts and opinions with each other we can’t go wrong. 
Many thanks again to you all to get involved, please toast with us in any way you want . 
Keep enjoying those lovely beers
remember there’s loads of love in every cheers  
please drink carefully and please live long.
as soon as were together we are super-strong


Kids waiting for their departure to The New World, early 20th century, fear & dreams

Hello there,

A Belgian Beer Day Worldwide ,

Yes , ….but,

Why AM I doing this ?????

I am doing this because I love Belgian Beer and I want other people to learn about Belgian beer and the centuries of craftsmanship it took to come to the variations of all different beers, all made in that little country called Belgium. A country where people love to live the good life, in food and drink, and now, probably & ironically as well, while the further existence of that  country itself is not sure at all , I am trying to give it a glory-day-worldwide (a compromised date) where the whole country and the rest of the world can celebrate solidarity and camaraderie of good people enjoying life  &  a moment of appreciation  to the beer-bar-& brew people worldwide.

But there’s more

1) I want to set up local Belgian beer days & weekends (with educational tastings and cooking) in the whole world starting in the USA. Events that are a tribute to the Burgundy way of life in Belgium and that will bring this drinking and eating culture to the attention and appreciation of the people of the world. Me, I just want to be closer to my best friends whom I met 10 Years ago at the burning Man Festival in Nevada, in the USA. I visited this festival yearly and so during my holidays I tried to spend as much of my free time with my friends the rest of the year. Until two years ago when I was misled in an 8 month start up scam by two professionals. I didn’t only lose all my savings but after I was discriminated by a  brewery (that owned the place) for personal reasons I had a  less fortunate period in my life, Two annoying surgeries made it impossible to work and i just wanted to go and see my friends and start a new career.

And so I came to the migration story of the Red Star Line: A migration museum is going to open here in my home town Antwerp about the migration of 55 million Europeans to The New World (USA & Canada). I felt really connected to their stories because I was feeling something of the same. Then I filed an idea (to find on with the City here, but because it was an election year, the credits had to go to somebody in office and running for another 6 year of snobby-culture-policy.

I couldn’t part with my idea of toasting over the ocean and was thinking, “What do you bring to a country you emigrate too?” The good things of your home country was the logical answer. Combining that with my love for beer and the burgundy way of life, the idea for a Belgian beer-day was born.

So last year after a whole winter behind the computer to get some computer skills and a couple of tries in the “normal” job world (were being social, which was my job for 25 years, is “less” appreciated) I decided to go back to the plan and go for it. So, on august 29 (my birthday I started tweeting under @belgianbeerday and @captaincheers (already existed)  now (today February 10th) the two accounts have exactly reached 7715 UNIQUE FOLLOWERS and the website’s traffic goes up every day.

2) To set up a craft beer festival here in Antwerp. With seeing and feeling a global passion on the twitter accounts that are connected to me, I am so curious and I know a lot of Belgians are as well. So I want to check out how to get a few craft breweries here to give us a taste of the international evolution in brewing. Belgians are beer lovers so I think they will certainly share the interest of tasting and drinking your local beers to.

3) Because globalization(of Thanksgiving) doen’t has to be bad all the time. I want to set up a global community to organize events & charities in a cooperation with bars,(home/Craft-beer )breweries, restaurants or other local Small or Medium Businesses. The intention is to offer the business owner or manager the opportunity to bring goodhearted or life enjoying people together on an event or charity. The first of the charities is the worldwide

Thanks 4 Giving charity, because I believe it must be possible to avoid people being cold in wintertime or even worse that people die of being cold. If we bring our old or not used warm clothes to our local bars, restaurants or other Small businesses in the thanksgiving weekend, and let them being  picked up there (last year in Antwerp I had a friendly taxi company that picked up the bags and brought them to the help organization), there must be a way to get those clothes  to the people that need them.Also in your city  the charity organization’s  doing that is  always short on supplies  in winter time..

So why am doing this? To start a new life? To show corporates that for us,common folks and small business entrepreneurs  it’s NOT all about THE money and that there is something like a HUMAN factor in doing business. Or Maybe, to change the world and show that fun and charity go along together, if you bring the right people together. To show all people, but especially the young ones, that it IS Ok to have crazy dreams and chase them. That it is ok to reach out and ask for some help? That if you ask, somebody out there will listen and that TOGETHER, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. (Even crazy dreams)

I think it is probably a good mix of all this things. The world now, really needs our signs.  We (all) have a voice and can be heard where-and who ever-we are. And  that we dare to stand up as one  (certainly to say cheers)…. and in the end….. it’s going to be loads fun, toasting together, good folks united, enjoying, watching (with webcams) & dreaming worldwide. All of us  in bars or venues on the different  sides of the world,  having fun and toasting simultaneously TOGETHER  with our guests and friends where ever they may be..

just remember that :

“There’s Love in every Cheers”


Thank you very much and many cheers


The positive surprise for my x-mas

The positive surprise for my x-mas

PURE beauty , And  THE video for for the lovers of THE REAL STUFFb

Some views on a sunday afternoon

2013-01-13 16.15.01 2013-01-13 16.14.13 2013-01-13 16.14.01

some pics off the bar in tyhe antwerp beerhous

some pics off the bar in tyhe antwerp beerhous

2013-01-13 16.16.10

And for the Fidge maniacs some fidges I would like to have in my House

2013-01-13 16.43.48 2013-01-13 16.43.57 2013-01-13 16.44.06 2013-01-13 16.44.21 2013-01-13 16.45.04 2013-01-13 16.44.54 2013-01-13 16.44.44 2013-01-13 16.44.35 2013-01-13 16.45.35 2013-01-13 16.45.58 2013-01-13 16.46.11 2013-01-13 16.46.25 2013-01-13 16.46.38 2013-01-13 16.45.14 2013-01-13 16.46.47 2013-01-13 16.46.57 2013-01-13 16.47.14 2013-01-13 16.48.59 2013-01-13 16.49.08 2013-01-13 16.49.23

2013-01-13 16.49.39

And The video ,for real lovers of the holy fluid, a true gueze, on the right temperature

KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS UNDER CONTOL? and remember the Cure, Boys do(n’t)  Cry 

YESTREDAY :15.000 people drinking 75.000 beers at the Antwerp new-years reception on the old city center Market Place

AND TODAY LOST MONDAY was the reason to for fill our burgundy duty

In the following pics I want to share some of the x-mas atmophere in my home town , CHEERSAfbeelding

the catedral and the x-mas tree , a yearly present of the country Norway


The x-mas stable 


a view after closure 9pm on weekdays 11pm Friday and Saturday



City hall after closure but a better view



the center of city hall , nicely lit 



standing by city hall , a xmas tree and the Cathedral of course



The stands where people can buy a shot of all kinds of gin @ 2 euro a shot 


as you can see the gin comes in all flavours choclate vanilla , cactus, amaretto, pears , apple , sour apple, young gin …20% ABV , old gin 40% gin , once you start you are already lost ,but just don’t know yet ….


all kinds of chocolate to take home , Scoring good points at the home front is very IMPORTANT specially around x-mas , …..Belgian chocolate can even influence the meanest mother-in-law. 



A classic Gueze “drie fonteinen ” to set your stomach back in a beer bar ; het patersvaatje

and back home ( for me a fifty yard walk


a last view at my cathedral en home where other goodies were waiting for me 



Merry x-mas from the city of Antwerp , @captaincheers ,@belgianbeerday , and your humble friend Vic CHEERS TO YOU ALL.


There is Love in every Cheers




Dear bar owner-manager/ Chef/beer-lover /organizer / hotelmanager

 On April 6 we celebrate a BELGIAN BEER DAY WORLDWIDE

You can easily join and bring your business into this global event by doing specials on Belgian products or beers.

You can find all kind of info on my website to fill your day or given your customers a special day out.

The only thing you have to do is to hang out the poster and choose COMPLETELY free how you want to engage.

I have examples of a four hour beer tasting with some educational videos on the subject but you can also find recipes or cooking ideas and tips on the website to entertain a crowd starting from noon and involing them in the path the or you cose for.

Just curious but enjoying a quality Belgian beer once in a while , No problem just subscribe (free) and give your most regular custumors alitlle extra information that you can just download from my web site

AND now the really nice news is that IN 92 countries people are joining this event just because the simpleness of having a good beer in good company is one of life’s little treasures that everyone can appreciate, whether there in a group or alone by the bar and looking for some friendly conversation.

You can probably ask your distributor for some original glsses and beercoasters to give your custumors a real and genuine experience.

For the kitchen I made 4 recipes to make a traditional Belgian or beer related dish. I also thught about four snacks you can easily serve and who matche perst ith the beers they will be having.

There is more on the website to entertain and pleasure your clientel.

There’s music, touristic videos, and all kind of download material to inform and start conversation with the crowd you serve.

Sincerely hoping you will join the people that appreciate the Good Life and whom will toast simultaneous to each other’s health  


Feel free in how you join and visit because just one special on a beer is good enough to get listed on the Co-Founders list of Belgian Beer Day worldwide & receive your Co-Founder Certificate

Greeting you from Antwerp Belgium , Victor Zaidi,                 And …loads of …..CHEERS

Belgian Beer Day :


they are complete(ly) and boring to some , just scroll down for Analasys…(and more)

we are now 5450 unique followers in 92 different Countries & BeerLievers in a Belgian Beer Day,

That is pretty cool, for now, isn’t it,

we’d love more people in Russia, China & Africa.

Europe’s Tweet & Facebook attack starts late December .


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 , Cheers ( share this page ===>)

These Maps show The Followers of Captain Cheers & Belgian Beer Day & their location , ONE Thousand followers a time / per MAP

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Get Together , Get more people Involved

@Belgianbeerday 2660 followers worldwide

 (started on twitter on my birthday August 29,2012) (4months ago)

@Captain Cheers : 3840 Followers Worldwide (started December 19,2011)(2 years ago)

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First a visit to the HORECA fair where all(or most) the breweries (except the two BIG ones) are present


meeting up with the guys I used see in my student bar when when they were selling and I was

asking for free beer to do promotions on special nights


They (the guys above served me this lovely beer with a Beautifull name , a dark beer ,full and rich of taste without getting to sugary .


Also made a stop at  Malheur available in 6- ! and 10 ABV , realy nice and hiding its ABV perfectly , Malheur means BAD LUCK , but The Brewers tell you THE LUCK ISIN THE GLASS,CHEERS


And then , …… I saw a waitress walking with this , I call IT : THE TOWER OF KWAK ,



And the next week on my way to a meeting walking by this beautiful famous  castle :the Gravensteen .I saw  this  shop just facing the castle , notice the coca cola flags and beers in windows





then to the meeting place at the  borders of the canals in Ghent (beautiful)



Two remarkable places A beer house by the waterside and a jenever( dutch gin) bar you HAVE to visit if you ever go there


THey really know their beers here and have home brew beers as well


A DELIGHT full 12% ABV beer a bit sweet but very enjoyable beer

so back home in the supermarket I discover the new way Vedett (from Morrtgat -Duvel) has a new campaign to sell beer in OLD washing boxes …


in the bar downstairs I found a thirst killing Lager from HAACHT

and on my doorstep (dont ask me how i t got there I found this remarkable bottle with the unseen to me opening system AfbeeldingAfbeelding

SO hope you enjoyed this mini trip to ghent

Have a great one , don’t forget to spread THE BELGIAN BEERDAY FEELING & WORD

and  if you liked SHARE THIS please ,




they are complete(ly) and boring to some , just scroll down for Analasys…(and more)

we are now 4500 unique followers in 89 different countries  & BeerLievers  in a Belgian Beer Day,

  Followers Friends Listed Tweets
AVERAGE 23.457 18.074 209 7.587
TOTALS 104.454.906 80.482.661 930.490 33.782.809

That is pretty cool, for now, isn’t it,

 we’d love more people in Russia, China & Africa. 

Europe’s Tweet attack  starts on December 10 th.

Scroll Down please , Cheers



Belgianbeerday  2060   CaptainCheers  3294
USA 51.34%   USA 48.45%
UK 8.51%   UK 7.25%
Canada 6.31%   Canada 5.91%
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Russia 0.3%   New Zealand 0.36%
Ireland 0.3%   Malaysia 0.33%
South Africa 0.24%   Philippines 0.29%
Ukraine 0.24%   Ireland 0.29%
China 0.24%   Italy 0.26%
Indonesia 0.24%   Sweden 0.26%
Venezuela 0.18%   South Africa 0.22%
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Argentina 0.18%   Venezuela 0.18%
Israel 0.12%   Thailand 0.18%
UAE 0.12%   South Korea 0.15%
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Malaysia 0.12%   Austria 0.15%
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South Korea 0.12%   Belarus 0.11%
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Montenegro 0.12%   Pakistan 0.11%
Ghana 0.06%   Norway 0.11%
Poland 0.06%   Korea 0.11%
Austria 0.06%   China 0.11%
Singapore 0.06%   Portugal 0.07%
Honduras 0.06%   Latvia 0.07%
Jamaica 0.06%   Kenya 0.07%
Kenya 0.06%   Jordan 0.07%
Iran 0.06%   Romania 0.07%
Azerbaijan 0.06%   Poland 0.07%
Isle of Man 0.06%   Greece 0.07%
Monaco 0.06%   Taiwan 0.07%
Korea 0.06%   Estonia 0.07%
Latvia 0.06%   Monaco 0.07%
Thailand 0.06%   Egypt 0.07%
Egypt 0.06%   Montenegro 0.07%
Sri Lanka 0.06%   Somalia 0.04%
Puerto Rico 0.06%   Trinidad and Tobago 0.04%
Romania 0.06%   Macedonia 0.04%
Cuba 0.06%   KSA 0.04%
Switzerland 0.06%   Bangladesh 0.04%
Micronesia 0.06%   Denmark 0.04%
Panama 0.06%   Paraguay 0.04%
Virgin Islands 0.06%   Nepal 0.04%
Nigeria 0.06%   Israel 0.04%
Greece 0.06%   Djibouti 0.04%
Turkey 0.06%   Uganda 0.04%
      Peru 0.04%
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      Bulgaria 0.04%
      Costa Rica 0.04%
      Iran 0.04%
      Burkina Faso 0.04%
      Bosnia and Herzegovina 0.04%
      Georgia 0.04%
      Ghana 0.04%
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      Hong Kong 0.04%
      Morocco 0.04%
      Brunei 0.04%
      Tanzania 0.04%
      Sri Lanka 0.04%
      Cuba 0.04%

and the  last details : There are 832 presons following both . And now for the good stuff  : Half of the followers are from the USA . Canada & the UK  are definitly going for a party ,

Brazil has got a heavy crew as well, but most surprising is Hawaii, I think they are gonna pull those islands over the Time-border or sometthing  so they can have two Belgian beer days

CHEERS to you all ,YOU are making this thing Happen and I am counting on YOU


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