SO ????? and WHATS Happening Now ?????

“I Just keep on dreaming” The captain said

Well first of ALL Thanks again, ALL of You, for your participation in Belgianbeerday #1.

(if you didn’t, try it out this year :THE Atmosphere & the BEER IS really  GOOD)
I love you ALL for it, from the Festivals, late night bars to the cozy back yards .Cheers!!!! This was not a perfect version(far from),YET ! But as you know I did or tried to do everything on my own and myself this year. For next year I am surrounding myself with good folks all motivated to work on this with me and all experts in their craft , also a bit of support from my Home-Town-crew and some extra means can only make it better. 
(& the site will become a meeting point of international people, their options and views


Still To come this year In 2013

In September you will be able to follow the oldest beer fest in Belgium Live on Belgian beer weekend .com It will be a media channel with semi-professional video’s live coverage and background information stories about the festival. With extra attention for the Nice Breweries and a huge survey on Craft beer in Belgium and an International Craft Beer Festival

In November I will try set up the Thanks 4 Giving Charity. During the T4GC weekend, people can bring their old and unused clothing to their local bar or restaurant, where it will be picked up and shared with local charity organization whose will bring & distribute it to the needing fellow man in your own town.

And THEN for IN 2014

The Captain Beerheart Foundation is Dreaming & Working hard on Organizing

  A)   The Belgian Beer day # 2 In April  2014 

I dream of a beer festival in Antwerp offering and creating a REAL Fair Trade Market place for beer People. Going from (very) small and other nice Belgian breweries to suppliers of basic products for brewing (ingredients –installations- services ) To show the whole craft to the public and to meet each other on the market .I would also like to work with Buddy -cities around the world. So, if you were a BB-Day participant last year and you think you can find some  people in your town to set something up, and to Toast with us in April LET ME KNOW so I can send an official invitation to your local community, organization or city leaders.

B) The Belgianbeerweekend Live (optional)

 In the First Weekend of September you will be able to follow the oldest beer fest in Belgium Live on Belgian beer weekend .com It will be a media channel with more than semi-professional video’s live coverage and background information stories about the festival.


C)  An International Craft Beer Festival In Antwerp, BELGIUM

 I hereby Invite You all, Good Folks, to come to Antwerp to show, share or sell some (or loads) of YOUR beers. The International Craft Beers, the Real Ales, other local specialties (beer or cider) the beer related Crafts or products or people that want to share their Beer cult with us are welcome to Antwerp on this First Fest.

(Probably held in the beginning or middle of September after the Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels, so international TRAVELLERS can do them both in good Ten Days)

The Intention in those to festivals is to create REAL Fair Trade MARKETS on the “Great Market” place in Antwerp. To check out the Location, :

Google it yourself or or CLICK BEAUTY to check it OUT

So real outdoor or indoor Fair Trade MARKETs with a presence of all involved in the Brewing of BEER, from the Basic Ingredients (hops etc..), the home brewers , small and middle crafters. All Breweries, organizations, beer minded or beer practical SMB’s are welcome. Also the beer lovers, consumers and (inter)national beer bar/clubs are welcome to participate (Belgian on Belgian beer day WORLDWIDE and International at the International Craft Beer Festival).

(If all goes well I even would like to make this a Monthly or Two Monthly even weekly Market or event starting in March 2014 and ending end November -Thanksgiving)

(And then monthly work around theme’s, regions, Countries or seasonal beers.)


D) the Thanks 4 Giving Charity 2014

the same concept but bigger, so warmer and more international


I talked to several authorities here in Antwerp and they are very interested in my plans so I am bringing in my plan & dreams by JUNE 1th. All Your Ideas are needed and welcome on

It would be fun to invite some of you here in my HOME town. 
So that is the News for now Please give us FEEDBACK and let us  know how you or your organization-bar –restaurant -club-family  can join in these Celebrations and gatherings of Beer Lovers Worldwide . 

IT Is GREAT TO HAVE a couple of cities joining us.

A lot of love & cheers

Vic &
@captaincheers           @belgianbeerday        

 Keep Informed monthly  Click here



Loose thoughts and more dreams:

The city of Antwerp has a rich history on beer brewing and Craft beer, Situated on a 40 minute drive from Brussels, and an hour from Bruges and Ghent its perfect for visiting the art cities in Belgium. Knowing that it only takes two hours by train to Amsterdam and three to Paris You can already feel that you are in for a treat.

Several parties could be willing to cooperate on this project so I take my Dream very seriously and I hope & believe that with their logistic & financial support, in combination with the motivation & efforts from the Beer community, we even can find other companies to contribute to make these festivals a success.

Cheers & enjoy your life 

Belgian Vic

Victor Zaidi

Vzw Captain Beerheart Foundation
Groenplaats 15
B-2000 Antwerp
+32 492 198 303


A hop, malt, grain shop with variations & crossings as crazy as you can make them up.

An International Beer Bar that serves Crafts from all Over the Globe.

Me visiting all your festivals to hand you over the proper invitations.

Two or three Guest breweries on locations In Antwerp city, so crafters can come over and make their own Real Belgian Beer.

A Monthly gathering of Beer passionate people, sellers or buyers, brewers or boozers, sharing and comparing, Teaching and learning, I will drink to that , and hopefully with you , CHEERS

Interested in any way, comment or feedback: please Contact us